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10 Ways Wives Disrespect Their Husbands (without Even Realizing It)

I just read the article in the link below and fell over! They know they are being disrespectful! When they start acting this way, just say, “You sound just like your mother!” Then duck! https://www.crosswalk.com/slideshows/10-ways-wives-disrespect-their-husbands-without-even-realizing-it.html?utm_medium=swnbase&utm_source=swnbase&utm_campaign=baseupdate

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Husband’s sexual obligation to wife is matter of life & death

I just read this great article that comes from a Christian perspective: “A wife having sex with her husband when she doesn’t feel like doing it is now regarded as her husband raping her. In the more enlightened Middle Ages, the situation was much different. Christian spouses had an obligation …

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What Christians Get Wrong about Marriage

I just read this interesting article that comes from a Christian perspective. This does apply to Christians and others alike; unrealistic expectations can really be harmful! Click on the link below to read the article! https://www.crosswalk.com/family/marriage/relationships/what-christians-get-wrong-about-marriage.html?utm_medium=swnbase&utm_source=swnbase&utm_campaign=baseupdate

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Most relationships start with awkward or terrible sex

Here’s the deal. If you meet in a bar, have a couple drinks and end up in the sack, chances are you won’t have a mind blowing sexual experience. Even when your married for any length of time, the wife is thinking about the laundry, dishes and kids homework and …

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How to handle a nagging wife

Clearly the article in the link at the end of my blog post was written by a woman! Before you read that article, here’s my 5 ways to handle a nagging, complaining, fault finding, Monday morning quarterbacking wife: 1. Sit down with her and gently say that you want to …

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Ladies, be careful what you wish for.

Here’s a great story from the Baltimore Sun about a woman being more than a little sad regarding her husband losing weight. You would think that the Mrs. would be happy that he is trying to preserve his health, but oh no, she’s jealous and feels guilty. Maybe the Mrs. …

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