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Married 34 years and still moving forward!

30 Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship

It constantly amazes me why people stay in toxic relationships. If a woman continues to harass, berate, belittle or physically abuses a man, he needs to walk! I get it if a woman is on the receiving end and is financially dependent on the guy, but she must also free …

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Are you in a marriage or relationship based on codependency?

I’m not into psycho-babble, but the issue of codependency is real. Are you the person needing someone to validate you, or are you the person validating the other person? I think it’s important to read this article because you will have a mic drop moment. Which one was your mom? …

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How to deal with a complaining wife

Guys, if you’ve been married longer than one week, you know it! You’ve worked a long, hard day only to walk into your home to hear your wife nag, complain or find fault about a laundry list of issues! You would think you could come into your castle to the …

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10 ways wives disrespect their husbands

I just read this great article and I have to wonder how many women have read it! Men have affairs primarily because their wives disrespect them! Click on the link below and share it with your married friends. They will thank you for it. Well, perhaps the women won’t! https://www.crosswalk.com/slideshows/10-ways-wives-disrespect-their-husbands-without-even-realizing-it.html?utm_source=naytev&utm_campaign=ab&utm_medium=gvpg&utm_term=paid

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The next time your wife says she has a headache

We get it. The wife has a job outside the home, she’s taking care of the kids and doing household chores. She’s “exhausted.” The problem is that she’s says that almost every night! Men want to have sex and if we don’t get it, we feel rejected. The next time …

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Marry for Money, Love will come later!

I actually taught this to my daughter from a very young age. What father wants his daughter to marry a guy that can’t provide for her! It seems that society tells women not to marry down. Perhaps society should tell men not to marry a woman who had 4 kids …

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Why men won’t marry you

  This is the best article that I’ve read regarding the reason so many men are putting marriage off! Feel free to leave your comments and questions via email at miserablemarriedmen@gmail.com Here’s the link: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2015/05/01/why-men-wont-marry.html          

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