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How to handle a nagging wife

Clearly the article in the link at the end of my blog post was written by a woman!

Before you read that article, here’s my 5 ways to handle a nagging, complaining, fault finding, Monday morning quarterbacking wife:

1. Sit down with her and gently say that you want to “share some thoughts” with her. Make sure the kids are gone and that a peaceful atmosphere is at the home, Starbucks or Panera.

2. Ahead of the meeting, make a list of each thing she nags you about (this may be a very long list) and then give your solution to each one:

You frequently share with me that I don’t help around the house.

Solution: I will do better to help with dishes, laundry, and helping kids with the homework.

3. Tell her that you want a peaceful home atmosphere for your marriage and your kids. Remind her of your childhood and hers where you both probably grew up in a stressful family situation filled with fighting and arguing.

4. Tell her that you are committed to your marriage.

5. If she’s unwilling to listen to you or insists you are the devil incarnate, you need to get a divorce. She’s made up her mind that she’s a cold, heartless, broken, cruel woman. There’s no hope.

Here’s the article written by a woman about how to “handle” a nagging wife:


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